the details are coming into focus!

we have found an author and planned a dinner and a cocktail. We just need to agree on a date for the first meeting of the appetite for reading book club. 

in the meantime, here is the general idea. for the price of the ticket, you get a copy of the book and dinner with drinks included. and the author comes to the dinner to talk about her (or his... don't want to give away any secrets just yet!) book. Once you have purchased your ticket, head on down to Wordsworth where your book will be waiting. Then get reading; you will have about a month to read the book before the dinner is scheduled. 

on the evening of the book club meeting, drop by the Public Kitchen  for the set menu that night and a signature cocktail for the evening.  be there around 6:30 but no worries if you are a bit later; they will serve as people arrive. But serving will end around 8:00 when the author begins to speak. 

Come with your questions about the book, about the process of writing a book, about the characters, about the research; really, questions on just about anything will be welcome. 

We hope to be able to announce the next book and the next meeting date at the end of the evening so those of you who come out to the first meeting will have advance notice of future meetings. 

Stay tuned. we hope to announce the date and the book very shortly!!