We've chosen the next book!

in addition to putting the finishing touches on the september 30 meeting where we will meet with Tasneem Jamal, author of "where the air is sweet", we have been reading diligently and talking with Dave at wordsworth about the next book for the club. 

with Dave's help and the "twitter-verse", we have reached out to Carrie Snyder, author of "girl runner". and Carrie has agreed to join us at our next meeting at the end of deepest, darkest January!

check the blog and facebook regularly for reviews of Carrie's book as well as details for the date and location for the meeting. we will also send out an email to the entire mailing list when tickets are available, likely in October.

And for those of you who have already bought Carrie's book and still want to join us for dinner with the author, don't forget that a book makes a wonderful gift and (dare we utter this next statement?) christmas is coming.