summer isn't over yet

even though summer is just at the halfway mark and even though tickets won't be on sale until the end of august, we thought you might like to hear a little about what we have cooked up for fall. so far, there are two dates to choose from.

the deal is the same as it always has been: buy your ticket online, pick up your book at wordsworth, read the book and join us at public kitchen for tapas, drinks and great conversation with an author and other book lovers.

we will send out more information about each event in coming weeks and tickets will be on sale in late august. we'll let you know by email if you have joined our mailing list. see you in september; in the meantime, enjoy the rest of this hot glorious summer!

on monday september 26 zoe whittal will join us to talk about her soon to be published book, "the best kind of people". 



on monday november 7, michael crummy will join us to talk about his book, "sweetland".