happy new year!

Karen Connelly’s latest, The Change Room, is drawing big praise for its depiction of a married woman’s surprising, transformative affair. Reviews and fans affirm that the novel meets every one of my Perfect Summer Read criteria: urban, witty, funny, sexy, humane and no doubt as elegantly written as Connelly’s past works. We tend to give so much attention to debut novelists, but I love watching a writer evolve, and Connelly is building a beautiful body of work
— Katrina Onstad, author of Everybody Has Everything and The Weekend Effect

karen connelly will join us in the new year to talk about her book, 'the change room'. mark your calendars on monday january 29th for another great evening. Venue to be announce shortly. 

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Connelly’s writing is rich and evocative, and the sex scenes are written tastefully, rolling off the page as easily as her food and landscape descriptions that also populate these pages. I liked the political undertones of this book too-Eliza spoke up for what she believed in, even when her opinions were met with disbelief, and Shar’s experiences as a sex worker were handled with empathy and intelligence.