christine pountney will join us on january 30

christine pountney, author of 'sweet jesus' and currently writer in residence at the hamilton public library, will join us for dinner on january 30 to discuss her novels and field your (always animated) questions. 

christine, a self-described "mother, writer, teacher/editor and therapist", tells the story of three siblings, each of whom is forced to relinquish a cherished dream and are struggling for new meaning for their lives. while the characters travel south to the united states together, the novel remains "quietly but fiercely canadian" with vivid descriptions of victoria, toronto, and st. johns. 


The route taken by Hannah, Connie and Zeus in Sweet Jesus is no mere travelogue, but an atlas of family relationships lost and found again. As each character brings the depths of past experience to bear on the present, lessons wrought by maturity bring the emergence of new intimacies between them — a journey from estrangement to deeper understanding. You’ll be glad you went along for the ride.
— shawn syms, national post