an answer to the demand

demand for tickets to appetite events has been, quite simply, overwhelming. past years we have hosted two evenings back to back with the same author but this has proven to be awfully demanding on our authors. so we have returned to a "one night; one author" model for book club. 

that has lead to other challenges: there simply aren't enough spots to satisfy all the demand for tickets. but we love the small intimate venue that public kitchen offers. and, of course, we love the food and cocktails there. so we don't want to move to a bigger venue.

then along came a solution: nick and nat's uptown 21 is re-imagining itself as an event space and they are digging our concept of cocktails, tapas dinner and conversation. at the same time, there seem to be lots of authors who are interested in coming to chat with us over dinner. so we are in the happy position of being able to run two events close together with two different authors at two different venues. 

november is the first month to try this new model. check it out and prepare yourself for a difficult choice!