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One suspects that individual readers will react differently to this novel. Some may see a wronged woman; some may instead see a narcissist who focuses on the frailties of others rather than her own. The author’s choice of narrative perspective ensures that this book is likely to provoke lively debate.
— quill and quire

despair not if you missed out on tickets for our event with stephen heighton! we have another evening organized for monday november 6 at nick and nat's uptown 21. this time with karen smythe, author of this side of sad. 

A gifted storyteller reminiscent of Alice Munro or Joan Didion, Karen Smythe finds poetic complexity in the seeming trivialities of the ordinary. Meditative, philosophical, and confessional, This Side of Sad is a provocative and piercing novel that explores the disintegration of a marriage; the enduring colloquy between the living and the dead; and the meaning we find within the random architecture of despair and joy.

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For fans of Joan Didion and Sheila Heti, and reminiscent of Jenny Offill’s The Department of Speculation, Karen Smythe’s THIS SIDE OF SAD is a mesmerizing tour of a woman’s fractured past – a provocative and piercing novel that lingers in mind and heart
— transatlantic agency